Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cross our fingers? Take up arms? I'm at a loss.

However, there are reasonable voices out there, among which this is one. If there is any hope for us all (forget about justice, that's off the table for the time being), such voices must be heeded.

One note: I've read a few of Levy's essays and articles at this point, and it seems to me there are certain aspects of his involvement in certain attempts at a real Israeli-Palestinian peace that I believe do not go far enough to rectify wrongs. But while in my heart I want to side with the die-hard one-state solution camp, the fact of the matter is that at this stage, I cannot see how this camp carries any political weight whatsoever. It's just off the map, though I'd like to think that the indefinite future still holds a real degree of openness. For now we need solid, sensible voices that can actually throw some weight around in the political arena. Levy seems to me to fit the bill.


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